Begin with the End in Mind?

..sometimes I prefer to be ‘just curious’ and have a go, rather than an expected outcome. You never know what you will find if you are open to whatever flows.

Terra Wicha Journeys to the Heart and Lungs of Planet Earth

  It’s 9.30 pm, and I have finished writing a story for my blog. I check FaceBook and see a promotion for Pachamama Alliance’s Awaken the Dreamer course. I click, and get drawn into the wisdom within. The online course is 2 hours so although I was planning on winding down to get ready for restful sleep I dived in and completed the course that night. The first step is one of mindfulness and respect for Indigenous wisdom. I knew I was in the right place. My mind was alight with ideas,… Read More

Top tip for Global Nomads to offset carbon miles 

I am aware air travel uses a lot of fuel and emits tons of carbon dioxide. As a promotor of humans becoming a restorer species rather than a consumer species, causing more devastation on the planet, I consider being a TreeSister a top way to ‘pay it back’.
TreeSisters actions address at least two very high ranking “Drawdown” solutions; 1. Reforestation of tropical forest #5 solution and 2. Women smallholders (ranks as number 62) TreeSisters works with Indigenous women partners to plant the forests and empowers and educates them at the same time. Educating girls rates as solution number 6.