Brigid Mary Prain

Brigid Mary Prain is devoted to loving the Amazon and expresses that in a myriad of ways…

From documenting the Indigenous Resistance evicting trespassing oil companies, making immersive films about her Amazon animal encounters, producing music from Nature sounds accompanied by beautiful videos, giving presentations at festivals, taking her work into schools, and spreading the word about Nature protection far and wide on social media.

Through her work Brigid seeks to enliven our connection with life itself by challenging our senses and deepening our innate appreciation for existence. 

She is the Wilderness, a Wild Adventuress creating in Love with Nature, an Instrument for the Divine.

It is her deepest calling to be the voice for those who speak but are seldom heard.

She encourages us all to follow our passion, to live our bliss, to care for all life and to know that we are all indeed interconnected. Stand up and be counted!

See her current exciting project here.

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