Non-mandated Community Safeguards Amidst Fear-based Groupthink

Addressing the issue of safety for communities with the presence of Omicron variant of COVID-19 and Groupthink fears generated over two years of ‘COVID News’ will require reading this with a ‘fresh perspective and open mind’. [The information in this essay] contravenes the narrative of “safe and effective” gene-based vaccines and the goal of vaccinating most of the population. However, the phrase “following the science” means following the data as it comes to hand and therefore Science is about changing hypotheses, theories and conclusions in line with changing data. (Covid Medical Network… Read More

Following the rabbit I found a rat: an eco-warrior of the open loving heart’s investigations.

Last year I enthusiastically set up a FaceBook group called “We Design our Future – An Eco-weary Sanctuary and Systems Change Incubator’. It came after I had read extensively about the IPBES project – Natures Future Framework and created a page called “The Value of Nature =Our Future”. Within their scenarios are models of communities that embrace technology to work with and mimick nature (mimicry), condensed human habitats with productive land surrounding the dense housing and urban plots where habitat and food production co-exists. My aim was to get people talking about… Read More

Informed Consent: ADE, waning antibody titres and negative efficacy

In this blog I set out to provide evidence from a range of sources that relate to, and link signs of waning and negative efficacy of the vaccines and Antibody Dependent Enhanced disease. Prior to SARS CoV-2, research showed that some vaccines designed to prevent respiratory diseases led to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (known by several names – immune enhancement, disease enhancement, antibody-dependent cell-meditated cytotoxicity (ADCC), pathogenic priming). Attention was brought to the potential side effect, ADCC, when designing vaccines (specifically respiratory, influenza, pandemic etc) with the publication of studies in 2017 and… Read More