Ocean Blues; all things to do with the ocean. Seeing the Ocean 50% Sanctuary.

I have loved the ocean all my life. She is dying due to human activity. It is ecocide. We need protections on many levels. Ocean (high seas) sanctuaries, coastal marine sanctuaries, Rights of Nature and Ecocide as law are needed at the top level. Grassroots we refuse, reuse and recycle plastics, clean up the ocean and beaches, avoid or carefully chose any sea life we eat, carefully consider our options when swimming, surfing or diving in the ocean and support organisations supporting marine life.

Heart Powered Intentions will assist our physical efforts as they work in the bio-field, the energetic and magnetic fields proven by quantum science to exist. They carry thoughts on waves and aligning them with heart felt love has an amazing effect.

The first Intention is: People become aware of the majesty and individual uniqueness of marine life and do all they can to avoid harm and protect it.

Swimming with Manta Rays in Nusa Penida, Indonesia is an awesome experience. This was part of a healing journey I created for myself a few years ago. I made sure I went with a boat guide who is ecologically aware and makes sure the people he brings don’t touch the mantas or coral.

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The Blues: However, like all good things, more and more people visit, many chasing after the Mantas for selfy shots or even trying to touch them. The Mantas come to this point to feed and clean (little sucker fish hitch a ride and clean up organisms on their skin). I wonder how frightening it is to have so many people splashing around disturbing their home?

Depending on the river run off and ocean flow sometimes the feeding grounds are full of plastic. The Mantas feed with their huge filter mouths open. Even the experts were not sure how much harm the plastic was causing.

I have joined many sites that aim to get rid of plastic by reducing initial consumption, promote picking it up off the beach and recycling – like Bali-eco Pallets, making pallets out of Bali’s plastic!

On World Oceans Day 2019 I wrote a blog review of organisations helping to preserve our oceans.

Second Intention: All organisations working to reduce harm and protect ocean habitats and life collaborate and see a uniting vision. United we, the people, have the voice to change the story. We see 50% of the ocean as sanctuary, free from human activity that harms. We see compassionate and regenerative ocean farming but no extractive industry in the rest.

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