Plans for Travel & House sitting in 2017

It has been a while since my last post. I have been immersed in learning a compassionate communication and mediation technique called Non-violent communication and pondering travelling to locations in the world where wild life, landscapes and cultures are most likely to be exposed to radical change. The Pachamama Alliance game Changer Intensive provided insights into what is rigged and what can possibly be changed. I learnt about grounded optimism and taking action now. It has set me on a new path. I believe the path will become clearer as I traverse… Read More

My Mindfulness Journey and Information to launch yours.

Most Mindfulness practitioners want to spread the joy and freedom of suffering that practicing Mindfulness can bring. It can actually change your brain. As more people experience the interconnectedness, compassion with equanimity and awesomeness of Nature we have a chance of healing the planet.

Getting Started Challenge – Freedom

Freedom Lifestyle – A new story about what is it and why..the ‘story of freedom’ changes as our world-view, cosmology or mindset changes [it is] to be who I really am, the authentic me.