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Three reasons mwe (me and we) are not living a life of freedom: Conversation with Self

You may think “Not me, I am free. I live in a democracy. I chose to go for a surf this morning. I choose to work for a NGO helping disadvantaged families, and accept the lesser pay I could get in another field.” And relatively you and I are free compared to someone living in an occupied area, war zone or other place that is ‘so in your face not free’.

But today I am reflecting on challenges that are, or have stopped me from living a life following my passion and dreams. For me that is a life that is spiritually fulfilling, environmentally sustainable and socially just. Mostly that comes from my way of ‘being’ and the stories I live by; the stories I listen to and tell about the world. Freedom is also the time and means to have fun, maintain my vitality and communicate with others.

Biggest Challenges that have or are holding me back

Number One is Self-limiting beliefs. Our self limiting belief system (SLBS) could also stand for self limiting bull shit! The never-ending thoughts going around and around in my head: “How can I be an ‘expert’ if I can’t heal myself.” I would ruminate on the famous quote – ‘Physician heal thyself’ taking it to mean I have to heal myself first, rather than being about judgment.

Number two, I would become entangled with the thoughts, self-doubt growing to the point where I lacked courage, felt unworthy of being able to speak to others about their lives.

Wisdom lessons provided another story; “They are just thoughts, it is not reality. Look at how you live your life reducing but also accepting the suffering”. Some days I feel inspired and start to plan, to prepare to write a new story.

Then another thought argues back “But it is true. I have been depressed, in pain and suffering many other complaints labeled fibromyalgia that stop me doing what I want”. This could be number three for you and me (mwe); real physical health challenges?

“But does that thought help you to live a life of freedom?”


“Can the challenges also be your reasons?”

“Yes. Mindful meditations, taking in the good, being grateful for ancient wisdom and modern quantum science, growing compassion and forgiveness: these things have helped me develop a passion and purpose for my life that is bigger than me.”

So, I begin to write the stories…




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