Getting Started Challenge – New Story


“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and magic in it. Begin it now” (Goethe).

Catastrophic weather events, Ice caps melting, extinction rates exploding, coral reeves bleaching as oceans warm and acidify, global financial collapse, corporations manipulate politics (are we really living in a democracy), mass exodus asylum seeking refugees, genocide, racial violence…

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Every day news brings enough doom to overwhelm the most committed activist. Our survival mechanisms trigger fight, fright or freeze. Reacting with anger the activist demonizes the alleged perpetrator(s)[fight], concerned citizens escape to the safety of their securely locked down homes [flight]and people developing compassion feel overwhelmed [freeze]; “What difference can I make?” Not knowing where to start the compassionate pepe does little or nothing and feels despair.

But what if we could change the narrative, create a new story, or many stories that gently guide people to action. The best of Indigenous wisdom, ancient mystical philosophy, neuroscience and quantum physics can be infused together with people choosing the best story to live their life by.


Message to self: Begin it now even if my actions are imperfect.

As I embark on being the change I will take small but significant steps. I can use the process of R.A.I.N.

Recognise that the old story does not fit and identify the new story right for me.

Allow life to be as it is, many people will refuse to hear the story. Create space for their revelations to manifest.

Investigate my inner experience with kindness. Are deeply held beliefs sustaining something I or they need?

Non-identify and nurture myself with love and compassion. Be grateful.

Specific tasks will include getting to know how to use Twitter and tweeting responses to posted tweets on subjects aligned with my mission. Being aware of words I use and changing them to words that promote change. (See the 7 plus 2 Formula). And finally for the next 30 days write reflections and reviews on Game Changer material, including watching DVD’s and reading articles. Do at least one of the above every day.

Film review ‘Domain/Tomorrow’ and ‘A New Story for Humanity’ coming soon.

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