The Great Australian Bight as a legal entity.

Quantum scientists have discovered that all living creatures are connected, that we are all part of a Living Universe. Indigenous People and many Mystic Religions have believed this for thousands of years. img_1566

One highly recognized scientist who explains this is Dr Anirban Bandyobhadyay. References on the internet include his LinkedIn profile, a web site and several You tube videos. I accessed a very comprehensive and lay-person understandable video on Curiosity Stream.

It is time corporations, bankers, governments and people in general woke up to the fact that humans should not have sovereignty over other living creatures. We must learn to live in harmony together. New Zealand has recognized a National Park as a legal entity – same legal rights, powers, duties and liabilities of a legal person. In 2008 Ecuador was the first country to codify the ‘rights of nature’ principle in its constitution.


It’s time Australia not only recognised Aboriginal people in the constitution but also the ‘rights of nature’ principle – the Living Universe we are all connected to.

Marine mammals urgently require this status. If whales could have legal status as an entity they could be represented to have rights to travel freely to breed in the Great Australian Bight. According to Dr Anirban Bandyobhadyay we are conscious beings with different vibrations (energy). He talks of being able to heal through resonance and rhythmic sounds. Whales and dolphins communicate with sound and their communication will be severely disrupted by blasting and drilling.

The most logical reason for prohibiting oil exploration and drilling in the Great Australian Bight is the risk of spillage which on risk analysis is both high (probability with extreme weather) and critical (remoteness). Next comes a list including tourism, fishing, and pristine environment. However, I think it is time to bring non-human beings rights to life to the legal table. What do other people think? Please add your comments below and spread using the #livinguniverse #stopoilGAB

Photos from video posted in the Guardian

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