TreeSisters journey to a Billion Trees

Dear compassionate sisters
I am reaching out to you as I stand rooted in passion for healing Planet Earth as a TreeSister.

Inspired by Pachamama Alliance and the courses I did online with them I journeyed to the Ecuadorian Amazon. I spent time with beautiful Amazonian Achuar and Sapara peoples and felt the jungle come alive in me. 

I felt the connectedness and sacredness of the jungle; our lungs and heart. For without the majestic Amazon forest the rain circulation systems would be in total chaos (the heart pumping life fluids) and the carbon could not be converted to oxygen for us to breathe.

I listened to Shamanic wisdom and prophecy about the shift in perception that is needed. After leaving the jungle I listened to podcasts and webinars. I heard messages that Nature is calling Feminine creativity to restore the balance and create a restorer species and let go of our consumer species tendencies.

This is when Clare Dubois came into my life. Clare had a vision after hitting a tree in her motor vehicle that led to her creating TreeSisters. Her goals are bold. Her passion is like none I have seen. She invited me to feel my grief along with her and cry for what we have done, for what we have lost already and what we stand to lose, which is life on this planet. Her whole body conveyed the urgency to sequester carbon by stop extracting and destroying (raping) Earth and to start planting trees. Hers is the most passionate plea I have ever heard. I could feel her grief. It reawakened mine but rather than a numb despair I cried healing tears as I walked along the beach. Clare had said that we will often cry when we lose a beloved pet but rarely would we cry when another species is announced extinct. Are we that far removed and disconnected from our (Human) being-ness?

Alone we may feel despair, but together we can hold place for one another. We can channel our grief energy to change perceptions; to foster a paradigm shift from the consumer species to a restore species. TreeSisters are all about reaching out to support the feminine energy within and around us, by honouring Nature and restoring the forests that are our hearts and lungs; the life force of our planet. 

Picture TreeSisters as a twin tree; reforesting the tropics and creating a model for feminine nature-based leadership. 

I joined Tree Sisters and have volunteered to be a Pollinator, spreading the word whilst being supported by others in the hive.

We invite you to come together, to explore, experience and integrate through a series of meditations, passion fuelled events and inspirational information. Ultimately, TreeSisters views this as an experiment to gather women to join in sisterhood to plant a Billion Trees.

I invite you to check out the web page, like and share.

One of the first events is the Call to Dream Ceremony- a personal and planetary ceremony of feminine collective awakening, for women who want to tend to the Earth in sisterhood.

Will you join us?

In loving kindness


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