Can Focused Intentional Thought Reverse the Deforestation of the Amazon?

By Merrilee Baker

The sun has just set, the birds are tweeting and there is a gentle cool breeze drifting through my window. I have just been watching a webinar streamed from the other side of the globe. I reflect on how quickly technology has ‘advanced’ for this to be possible. To be able to see people in their living rooms and talk in real time is a sort of remote viewing, but not the type frequently linked to espionage.

CIA backed experiments like the Stargate Project sought to determine that personnel could be trained to ‘picture’ targets of interest with accuracy. They relied on ESP and ‘sensing with the mind’. Although individual studies provided positive evidence wider research in the 1970’s to 1990’s failed to provide evidence statistically reliable enough to be classified other than pseudo-science.

Different again is remote viewing associated with focused intent which has been used since history has been recorded for healing and Law. For example the intention of the Healer or Law-man is well documented in traditional Australian ‘Aboriginal Lore’.

I have had personal experiences of meditative intention spanning decades but have only recently understood the bliss and freedom this allows me.

My intention, after several hours guided instruction, when walking over hot coals was that they were ‘cool green moss’. I did not burn my feet.


Intentions are built on thoughts. Many of us experience more negative thoughts than positive ones. I have witnessed the powerful effect of words spoken from a place of bitterness and hate. I have lived with Aboriginal colleagues who attributed certain illness and death to hostile words without it needing to be spoken as a curse.

And I have witnessed the power of thought infused with love.

I am part of a small group of Treesisters who meet once a week via computer link up to practice Focused Intentional Healing (or DIH). My curiosity and passion to offer my gifts to the world has fuelled my focus on experiencing the bio-field and distant healing.

Most recently I set an intention for love and care for the Amazon Rain Forest in the form of a 10-day focus. It consisted of several Intentions.

The Intention is that the messages of individuals and groups working towards preservation, protection and legal justice is heard and seen by the greater population.”

And“The final Intention is that this initial 10 day Intention will lead to a global focused Intention backed by well resourced organizations and influence CEO’s, Board Members and those with company voting rights to stop the destruction of the Amazon and lead to Global Protection.”

To create an Intentional Focus to increase love and care for the Amazon Rain Forest this slide show of the forest (photos taken 2017) is combined with music by Karlo WondeRa from his album Mantrakx -iKaro – The Earth is our Mother.

Amazon slideshow

Confirmation was received last week that the final intention will be so. Serendipity, a thought leader received the thought and has set the intention in motion.

A coincidence some may say. Steeped in Newtonian science principles, proven too limiting over one hundred years ago, society continues to live in separation and competition. Concepts of serendipity and manifestation are left for the mystics. However, the assumptions of Newton that promote the idea of separation are finally losing traction. Thoughts travel.

Scientists started to be able to view matter as energy and devised mathematical theories for inconsistencies to Newtonian physics early last century. Quantum science consisting of various streams such as Quantum mechanics and Quantum physics was born and made way for greater understandings in neuroendocrinology and epigenetics. Words like neuroplasticity and bio-fields entered our vocabularies. With these insights science has been able to start exploring and scientifically validating ancient and traditional knowledge.

Experiments continue to determine the scope of human magnetic fields and their healing potential. Understanding at this time is that the information from thoughts are carried on electrical or electro-magnetic charges, and that these thoughts can be imprinted into matter such as cotton, molecules of water and sent directly from one person to another. Healing is currently being shown to be storable. (Dean Radin PhD, William Bengston PhD) Surprisingly, their research is showing that the state of mind or spiritual state of the transmitter of healing does not determine the healing effect. They are unable to test or control for the effect of ‘intention’ as the ‘healers’ have to hold the intention of passing information. As yet they are unable to demonstrate how the information is transferred across distance, but they have proved healing intention can be stored. It is exciting news for ‘scaling-up’ energetic or information medicine from singular one to one sessions. And it definitely occurs over long distances – thousands of miles.

Distant Intentional Healing therapies (DIH) have unpredictable results in clinical studies due partly to the difficulty in finding useful research designs. Meta-analysis and literature reviews show varying degrees of compliance to meet scientific rigour and therefore varying degrees of acceptance and change in scholarly curriculums. However, there is growing evidence for the existence of remote distant healing in laboratory conditions. As a member of Consciousness and Healing Initiative I have access to webinars and studies by luminaries, the actual scientists and healers themselves. Their aim is to make the information available to everyone. Many old theories and assumptions have been proven false. “…given the well-accepted evidence for quantum non-locality, which demonstrates the existence of “spooky action at a distance” (as Einstein described it), and especially the growing evidence for quantum coherence effects in living systems, possible physical mechanisms for DHI are no longer inconceivable.” (Radin D, Schlitz M, Baur C. Distant Healing Intention Therapies: An Overview of the Scientific Evidence. Glob Adv Health Med. 2015;4(Suppl):67-71.)

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 2.12.09 pm

Also enough studies of high scientific rigor have been conducted and published to demonstrate that Distant Intentional Focus, also commonly referred to as Intentional Prayer can reduce the incidence of violent acts. Lynne McTaggart , award winning author, journalist, publisher and lecturer in the Field has conducted experiments in distant healing and focused intention on properties as diverse as water molecules and peace. Lynne describes the techniques used as similar to those of Qi Gong and Yogi masters. For her experiments on reducing violence she has major partners and gathers specific before and after data. Now that the outcome can be shown to be statistically significant experts are aligning the results with ancient teachings such as Sankalpa (an intention or solemn vow formed by the heart and mind) and conducting more experiments to see how it happens. Observation experiments have shown that small groups of 5 to 12 people are effective for transferring thoughts of healing information over long distances.

The quantum model shows that energy is frequency and that all frequency carries information. Take a moment to think of all the information you receive via radio, cell phones, TV and even through talking face to face. The information is carried on waves of different frequencies. Electro-magnetic waves, measurable in our heart and brains as EEG and ECG, are designed to be coherent. The word coherent is derived from the Latin meaning to stick together, which in physics relates to the waves maintaining a fixed relationship. Heart-brain coherence is a term used by the HeartMath Insitute. (HMI). They have provided evidence that emotional states like love link with the brain and bio-field around us and can be transferred across distance affecting other people’s emotional states and heart rhythms. When we place our awareness on breathing and higher vibrating frequencies like love and gratitude our brain and heart become coherent. Heart rate variability and Alpha brain waves can be measured.

The human magnetic field extends beyond our bodies connecting with the bio-field. HMI are investigating this further in the Global Coherence Initiative. It is a courageous experiment researching the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems. [It] “seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness”. You can become an ambassador for this initiative at

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 2.13.48 pm

The quantum model also states that all possibilities exist in this present moment. It is possible that this is why people receive healing through the placebo effect. Once in an Alpha or deeper consciousness state we can ‘observe’ healing into reality.

In the short time our Focused Intentional Healing group has been meeting we have seen instant healing results. We have also witnessed no change in what we intended for and a range in between. However, even if miraculous healing is not generated from our group the amazing uplifting from this heart connection is awesome in itself.

Leading from this heart base I envision the benefits of raising awareness of the beauty and importance of the Amazon rain forest and its Indigenous protectors to a level where there are thousands, hopefully millions of people loving and focusing positive intent for the forest.

I am grateful that it is so.

And for the scientific proof – I believe it will occur when science evolves to a point where it can measure consciousness and design research based on Quantum theories leaving Newtonian assumptions aside.








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  1. Insightful and concrete read Merrilee, thank you for doing what you for the Earth and being one of the elders that keep the vibrations strong. Am glad, that science is confirming many things that the ancient civilisations have studied for not that it needs evidence, but more of a tangible thing for those who are left brain orientated.

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