Amazon Intention Earth Day 2019

Earth Day Intention: “Our Focused Heart Intention is that the Waorani people are proclaimed guardians of their ancestral grounds and mapped territory. The territory is recognised as giving life to Waorani and contributing significantly to our Global Ecology. The area is no longer called Oil Block 22 and oil exploration and drilling is forbidden. The court decision sets a precedence for all other Indigenous people of the Amazon.” We, as a collective and as individual seekers are increasing our awareness of the needs of the Indigenous people and the land they live… Read More

Local Environment

Last year at the Stretch Festival. My mother (pictured) made the flags.  

Amazon Intentions

The first Intention is planned for the Equinox 20th March 2019 through to International Day of Forests on the 21st March. The first Intention is to raise love and awareness for the need to maintain the Amazon with no further destruction and deforestation. All personal involved with policy making and judicial decisions on the use of the land, and the rights of the guardians of the forest, the Indigenous peoples, will open their hearts to the spirit of the forest and will advocate for protection. I have created a mini Teachable course… Read More