Natures Heart Intentions

Getting Started Challenge – Habits

Merrilee’s Highly Successful Habits

As you can see this blog site was only created a week ago, but in reality nothing happens overnight. Starting with a desire for location freedom, bringing clarity to my calling and passion, I have worked consistently over the last year towards the place where I sit tonight creating an updated and more focused plan for the next steps.

Current goal set October 2015

  • Learn and practice Mindfulness and related mind-body-spirit ways of being to a level that equips me to teach and help others through private on-line consultations.

Completion date – December 2016

  • Learn how to write and publish blogs, create an online coaching/consulting practice and set up web site (consider out sourcing).

Completion date – June 2017

Progress: Have engaged fully with courses and on track for completion. Commenced reading and doing reflection activities to improve online business knowledge. Have purchased WordPress package and set up business Face Book page.

Challenges: Was notified about a job that I felt called to do last February that meant I had to return to Darwin and work periodically in a remote community. Work 5 days a week when back in Darwin but accrue time to take in blocks to go surfing in Bali. These breaks often mean I fly in at night and out to a community the next day where there is very poor reception and access to 3G modems only. I have previously chosen to only use Face Book for social media so need to learn what other forums will be useful for my niche.

September 2016 until finished contract with NGO


  • Provide inspirational material that leads people to identify and change the way they think about their life on Earth and their roles and responsibilities as human beings. Through this and other healing processes people who are suffering will be engaging my healing services so that I am generating an income, with an increasing percentage being passive, and that supports my dream lifestyle within two years, i.e. before I am 60 years old.


1.1 Complete Game Changer Intensive and widen contacts made from that community.

1.2 Produce genuine, authentic posts that attract hundreds of readers who register but gain the information for free. How -reflect and journal (blog) about the material.

1.3 Attract traffic to site – become proficient at using tools required for successful online business, outsource where necessary.


2.1 Complete Mindfulness training courses and deepen ability to guide people to healing.

2.2 Produce posts by reviewing scientific and traditional healing method literature.

2.3 Attract clients who I love working with and who love working with me to change their lives. They will be able to reward me financially possibly through complementary monetary systems that are being set up around the world now and reduce money that is syphoned off to large corporations.

Method: Continue working for NGO until current 6-month contract completed. (March 2017) Note – Also working on a more sustainable way to support my adopted Indigenous family and the larger community.

Continue daily mindfulness practice and increasing of knowledge base.

Focus on daily activities towards the goal. Do one task at a time (Do not multi-task as this has been shown in research to be less productive.) Turn off distractions and apply total focus to task for short periods (brain concentration zone). Note to self – set goal to work for 25 minutes after listening to Natalie’s video instruction but have been here over an hour. I have resisted the urge to get up and eat some yoghurt!

Divide working days into two 25 minute productivity sessions, plus reading and watching information that is part of courses and review material. Aim for 7.30 & 8 pm with 5 minute mindsight break.

On weekends divide similarly, breaking up with half -hour chore or fun activities in the afternoons (mornings are for surfing, yoga, meditation and fun).

Circuit training routine – 25 minutes on the hour, like swimming training 50 metres on the minute sprints. For example: 12.30; 1.30; 2.30; 3.30 and 4.30 for 20 to 25 minutes sprints.


With the power of mindfulness and mindsight I have clarity and focus. By being aware and present in the moment I develop more mindsight. I am in the flow. Information I need comes to me and I am gifted with words that flow from my heart, via my finger tips to create images for your eyes and vision for your mind. I am financially and location free.





Getting Started Challenge – Heroine Story

Healing Super Powers.

Where would the heroine be without her super powers? Remember the Heroes journey. In the modern Hero story super human, supernatural and paranormal traits are always needed to solve the problem our hero (oine) sets off on her adventure to solve. Think Super Woman, but the true Hero story is a journey that any of us can set off on.

My heroine: Facing her fears she overcomes huge obstacles, gains more wisdom and develops the power that she didn’t even know she had. Obtaining the prize she ventures home to share the new wisdom.

I grew up loving the heroes’ journey stories and longed to gain intuitive healing powers. Reflecting on my journey I see that it does fit the heroines journey. I just need to add the part where the heroine gets lost in the desert for several years and forgets she had any powers at all.

Whilst still at high school I had a curious mind that loved biology experiments and researching health problems that people like my grandmother had. I challenged what the doctor had told her and after doing his own research he agreed with me. I loved being open to things outside of the square leading to alternative treatments for problems western medicine had no answers to.

For todays blog challenge I will skip to the part of the journey where the heroine has met some tests, meets some friends and faces some enemies. She develops her super powers.

As a young adult I delved into the deep states of Theta meditations where I took counsel from spirit guides. In my sleep I experienced significant dreams and Astral Travel. Using the power of trance I walked on hot coals and sent turbo powered messages across a room. One of the most instantly gratifying was relieving pain with touch and the power of the mind.

And like our mythically stories these powers are tested and she faces extreme danger, possibly life threatening that zap her of vitality. She wanders through deserts and gets caught up in the dominant stories of the times. Finally, when there is no light at the end of the tunnel the universe gives her another opportunity, this time developing powers that will assist her to help others on their healing journeys as part of the Great Transition to a Living Universe story where everything is revealed to be connected.

Deep listening, being present and calming the amygdala in the brain bring clarity and deep understanding of possibilities. I get things quickly and can see both sides of stories and have insight into what someone is saying when the other person is not ‘getting them’. These powers were gifted to me long ago but Mindfulness training has sharpened the skills. I have developed Mindsight, the capacity to perceive the mind of the self and others. This gives me the ability to understand my inner life with more clarity, integrate the brain, and enhance relationships with others.

And the good news from this hero story is that I am ready to ride the bull back into the city, to bring home the elixir and share it with you. Because, with the super power of Mindfulness and Mindsight you can heal yourself to. Not sure if Mindfulness is a super power? Check out the cartoon video below.




Getting Started Challenge – Visioning my Perfect Day

The Power of One in a Perfect Day.

I wake to the sound of waves crashing on the distant reef, birds calling to greet the sun as it reflects subtle pinks across the sky to the east. I could sit up and see the ocean but I lay in bed, quietly connecting with my breath. I breathe down to my toes, feel the tingling and let go. I continue to my calves, knees and onwards as I feel gravity draw my body down. I extend my awareness beyond my head, extending my presence upward, down, sideways and feel my depth, the vitality of my heart beating.

I am thankful for each heart-beat, for each breath; the life-force I share with you. “Thank you for a body that moves with agility and power and a mind that is clear and present in the now.” I feel vitality flowing through my meridians providing chi to all my muscles and organs.

I rise to Salute the Sun – Surya Namaskara, and my body, breath and soul are one with the
IMG_1368.jpguniverse. I smile an inward smile; love and gratitude in my heart.

Through the open door I see the outer reef being swallowed by the incoming tide, the water glassy and a perfect small wave peeling off. “It will be a short yoga routine this morning.” I have a two, maybe three-hour window for playing in the waves.DSCN1405.jpg

I hydrate and fuel my body with a super food coconut protein shake and walk 20 metres with my board. I feel the sea-shell grit massage my feet and the refreshingly cool morning sea swirl welcome me home. I begin the five hounded meter paddle out. Breathdscn1363e,
pull, feel the energy “strong arms, strong legs, relax arms, relax legs, breathe.”

I look down and see a small school of fish. The glassy water allows the vibrant green coral below to draw me in. I remember Rick Hanson guiding me to ‘take in the good’. It feels like bliss.

The swell line builds on the horizon, no-one else out, yet. Strong short paddle strokes and I am ondscn1394 the wave, drop, hard bottom turn then aim for the lip. Spray flies from my tail as I carve then my board carries me down the face, and along the hollow wall. As I flick out and paddle back out
joy fills my body. I feel strong.

No more than six other surfers join me. I am the only SUP rider. We share the waves and occasional friendly conversation. Everyone has fun. Then the lull between sets lengthens as the tide becomes too full. Time to go in.

My mouth is dry and longing for fresh water. A quick shower then red dragon fruit and yogurt followed by fair trade organic coffee sets me up for my working day.img_0207

A few emails informing me of twenty new followers of my blog, ten
automatic downloads of my new e-book, five requests for free introductory assessments and two bookings for wellness coaching. Now I am ready to prepare for my Skype appointment in half an hour. Such a great feeling as I reflect on this lady’s journey from pain and depression to hear her voice now, full of purpose and grit that had come from letting go. Her love and compassion for others has led her to hope for a brighter world. She is not alone.

Science waltzes with ancient mystic wisdom – ‘mysticism without the mist’* and the old stories that fuel devastation of the planet are crumbling. New stories are rising. Many builders, activists, nurturers and poets, join me as we celebrate the beginnings of a transitioning world.

dscn1265It’s a perfect day.




(*Quote read yesterday in Game Intensive Coursework – source not yet rediscovered)