International Wetlands Day Focus – Peel-Yalgorup Ramsar listed Wetlands 482 – Peel-Harvey Estuary

This Natures Heart Intention project aims to: reflect on human behavior in relation to Nature provide basic information on the Peel-Harvey Estuary, a Ramsar listed wetland, identify organisations and projects taking action to regenerate waterways locally, describe some with global importance that effect climate change via hydrology and carbon sequestration to name two processes and invite you to set an intention that wetlands be protected and regenerated. We are well into the 6th Major Extinction event of Earth and it is predominantly caused by the actions of humans. The continued push for… Read More

Intentions for World Wetlands

After reading many scientific and ‘expert’ reports of the risks to wetlands by the increasing population, ‘lifestyle’ housing and resultant demands on the water and risk of fire I wrote the article posted in ‘news’. I have gone deeply into my heart and conclude this project with heart-focused intentions. It is best to read through the instructions, then the ‘Intention’, and then come back and follow or use your own intention practice. Thank you. Breathing in, breathing out. I feel the energy of Gaia enter through my feet and I draw it… Read More