Intentions for World Wetlands

After reading many scientific and ‘expert’ reports of the risks to wetlands by the increasing population, ‘lifestyle’ housing and resultant demands on the water and risk of fire I wrote the article posted in ‘news’.

I have gone deeply into my heart and conclude this project with heart-focused intentions. It is best to read through the instructions, then the ‘Intention’, and then come back and follow or use your own intention practice. Thank you. Turtlewallmural

Breathing in, breathing out. I feel the energy of Gaia enter through my feet and I draw it up to my heart.

I focus on the point between my eyes and draw energy from above, again to my heart where I feel love oozing out around me. I connect with love vibrations surrounding me.

(If you are following with me take as long as needed here to really fill your heart).

I see myself connected energetically with compassionate people around the globe. We send out intentions on the wings of love into a thought wave above our heads. I connect with all powers who my logical mind want to dismiss (and invite you to connect with your guides, angels, elementals and beneficial beings or simply love vibrations).

I enter the swirling cosmos, spiralling galaxy and smile. Love is radiating out of my heart. The Intention is on its way, seeding hearts. And then one big breath in and as I breathe out I am grateful it is so.

The heart powered intention:

The awareness of love of nature is rising.

There is a shift of global consciousness away from clearing more and more land.

Trees are seen as essential to life, honoured and cared for. Where trees are grown to provide timber it is done amidst other crops or animal foraging to allow biodiversity and soil replenishment.

Rivers are free to provide life for all and not be dammed for hydro-power or used for inappropriate mono-culture thirsty crops.

Common sense prevails and the land surrounding wetlands is regenerated.

Wetland adjacent farmlands allow only clean run-off from rain, free of animal manure, fertilisers and chemicals.

All development that has any degree of risk to wetlands is not approved, and were approvals have been given they are revoked.

Wise use of land considers tourism and fishing as long as the risk of increased human interaction does not lead to increased risk.

People are planting, or donating to tree planting programs like Treesisters.






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