Embodying the Indigenous Mind

My personalized take home messages from Arkan Lushwala

I was drawn to write this today after listening to Arkan Lushwala being interviewed by David Tucker on the Pachamama Alliance Global Call. I initially became aware of Arkan when I read a chapter of his book, The Time of the Black Jaguar. It was included in the reading material of the Pachamama Alliance Game Changer Intensive. When reading with my intellectual mind it seemed like a myth, but as I grew my understanding of the human potential, light, energy and vibration I saw how important this knowledge is for us now. Arkan, is an Andean ceremonial leader and recently published a new book, Deer and Thunder. By exploring the original wisdom held by indigenous cultures and their ways of restoring the world Arkan offers a path towards balance.

NakuvillageWe were led to a sacred place of listening and Arkan’s words flowed to my spirit. His messages resonated deeply. I was honored by his reply to my question which was ignited by my concern for introducing and maintaining sacred space during what could be an intellectual workshop, Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Drawdown. At the conclusion I was inspired to go outside to consult with the trees. I asked Nature how more people could be invited to embrace and embody Indigenous wisdom. I specifically thought of the people I will be speaking to in the workshop in just over a week. I went back and consulted the Drawdown book…

“Drawdown” (pg 124) provides an outline of how Indigenous Land Use can reduce carbon dioxide release and keep it in the ground. For those who like the numbers, Indigenous People’s land Management is solution #39.  Modeling suggests that by 2050 embracing this solution will result in 6.1 Gigatons of reduced carbon dioxide, and 849.37 gigatons CO2 protected. Global cost and savings data was too variable to be determined.

A huge range of land management practices occurs amongst Indigenous Peoples. I have read that people have debated the value of some of the practices, especially from a practical, productive perspective. However, studies have shown that they outweigh modern practices in sequestering carbon. This is so even for practices like swidden. This practice is when cultivated land shifts from year to year. Burning is used to clear the land for annual cultivation. It is subsequently left fallow to allow regeneration. Fire management, traditionally used for centuries by Aboriginal peoples in Northern Australia, is the use of sophisticated burning techniques applied to produce favourable environments for food supply – animal and plant. This management is low intensity and early in the dry season and can decrease the impact of large out-of-control fires, natural or human-caused.

What isn’t discussed in the Drawdown book, probably because it cannot be measured, is the wisdom behind the nature-based practice. Arkan spoke of this wisdom today.

Nakuceremony3Oral traditions tell stories of spirits that guide how and what actions need to be taken. Action is collective. The community meets for prayer, ceremony and dream sharing to decide on what to do. In comparison people who are disconnected from the Indigenous mind only seek knowledge in books and science. One person, or maybe a small team, is often granted the right to formulate an action plan and put it in place upon the subjected people.

The great wisdom of the Indigenous people who are still connected to their ancient wisdom, lies in their ability to call upon a source greater than themselves. This is usually referred to as a spiritual realm but quantum science is discovering energy fields and vibrations that verify the existence of a greater source. Collectively aligned we can do much more than as individuals. We can listen deeply and feel the vibration of others, and by our thoughts and connectedness help raise the vibrations of people around us. If we listen deeply we can re-wire and remember the Indigenous mind. We can reactivate it.

Version 3For me, moving from feelings of elation because I have achieved something to acknowledging that I am an instrument for something greater can oscillate. I know it in my logical mind. I know that I need to co-create, be part of a community, but I have a long history of operating as an individual. I am finding this pattern hard to break. However, I find that the more I share my heart in meditation with all living beings, spend time asking nature for guidance and reaching out for people to collaborate with that being an instrument for greater good is becoming embedded. Intrinsically I know it. I remember to stay connected to the heart-mind centre, honour the source of life and trust in the flow.

I lovingly bestow much gratitude to Arkan for sharing his transmission of universal knowledge including a small ceremony I have called the Sacred-water recording bowl to help me connect to an audience I don’t know in 9 days.

Muchos gracias Arkan y Pachamama Alliance.

The sacred-water recording bowl.

Imagine a group of about 15 people gathered in a circle. A bowl of water sits in the centre. The group is informed that the water is going to receive, record and hold everything we say and what is felt in the space. At the end the water is given to a tree. If the group gets off track, they take a break and then everyone’s attention is brought back to the water before starting again. People are reminded that the water is our source of life, nothing can live without water.

This sounds like a beautiful way to hold sacred space and keep the vibration level high. Arkan also mentioned song as a way to bring people to that space. And from my research, for those who need a bit of backing from science, there are studies in biofield science that show water molecules take on energy from substances around them. (I am still trying to find the reference but there are links I cannot verify, that do not appear to be peer reviewed, which you can search for by typing water memory patterns including a web site and a You tube photo sequence of water crystals that vary after specific spoken words and music, reportedly altering the crystallised form.)

I look forward to next month’s call when we will meet in call out groups to chat about todays talk. If you are interested please join by going to https://www.pachamama.org/events



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