New form of communication needed. What will it be? Telepathy?

Triggered by being blocked by Facebook to ‘Boost’ an ad for a friend to promote a Go Fund Me campaign due to my FB not being authorised to place ads for topics that are either political or of national importance my initial reaction was to think of ‘us and them’. Big oil, mining companies, palm oil plantations and all the other destructive corporate bodies are accountable to their stockholders and investors whilst activists are accountable to Earth and all her living creatures. Added to this was news that a member of an activist group anti-mining in the pristine wilderness of Ecuador who is exposing tactics and mining operations of BHP had his web page and Facebook pages closed down it is easy to feel like we are at war.

I was listening to the audiobook, Homo Deus, written by Yuval Noah Harari a couple of days ago and discovered that he predicts that humans are evolving into a more technical and electronic form. He sites technology that can detect what we are thinking to influence the actions of a machine, without even needing to be wired to our brain. A simple helmet that costs a few hundred dollars is all that is needed. Leap forward to 2050 and we more than likely will have chips in our wrists as passwords/ID and be able to live beyond the current easily obtainable 90 years of age. He is not alone as can be clarified by searching for writings from artificial intelligence, nano-technology and space colonisation. They all say a change is coming.

This form of human contrasts immensely from the conscious being that Barbara Marx Hubbard describes as Homo Universalis, and that writers from fields such as neuroscience and spiritual consciousness see as taking a quantum leap of human consciousness. The world will be a place of compassion, love and interconnectedness of all beings. We are being asked to wake up, follow our calling, and move from the head to the heart. David Korten speaks of the Great Turning , a time when we move beyond the social consciousness and see culture as a construct, not an absolute reality. He warns that the “empire doesn’t want awakened elders out in public talking to people still living in the cultural trance.”

We also have the many beautiful writings of Charles Eisenstein who puts us at a place between stories, a place where we can chose which reality we see and live in. Language is the key. Language beyond communicating basic things like hunting, has been believed to be the main ability that sets humans apart from other creatures. It has destructive as well as creative power. In Labelling the World Charles talks about labelling both A and B a tree so that we no longer see them as individual entities (as in animist belief where each one has a unique spirit). If it is just a tree then it will be cut down with no thought but if it has a spirit then we will meditate and deeply consider how much we need it chopped down before doing so. (Labeling the World, The Ascent of Humanity found at

So this takes me back again to how to think and speak about the situation concerned people (about Planet Earth, the environment, humanity) are constantly facing. As the big powers censor our written words can we move beyond the use of language and communicate in a form beyond language as we know it today? Is there another form of communication, maybe energetic transference that we can access to get around the blocks on discussion of topics considered ‘political’ or of national interest. I checked out FB’s list for the USA and it covers everything that is discussed in parliament, that might be a voting issue, as needing authorisation to speak about in an advert (including FB boosts).

How do we live our lives as the new story when the old one is still so entrenched, or if that is not possible how can we decrease the time between stories and fast track it? I am sure visionaries have many answers but I have only questions. Except I will keep envisioning the world as healed and the human race as compassionate and loving, connected to all beings. What have I to lose except despair?

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