Love the Earth – Death and Birth: A tribute to Polly Higgins

I hear Clare Dubois (Treesisters) saying “This is an experiment …you can’t fail an experiment’ and my scientifically trained mind goes to hypothesis and scientific endeavour to prove them right or wrong.  But our experiments don’t have set hypotheses – we are exploring the unknown. Open to all possibilities, miracles included. We don’t know the extent of our human powers, especially as they evolve as our conscious awakening unfolds.  Jojo and friends and family of Polly, beautiful, courageous Polly Higgins (Stop Ecocide Mission Life-force), named the daily meditational prayers for Polly an experiment. Polly’s death, to some, although probably no one reading this, might deem the experiment a failure.  Embracing the unknown, the infinite possibilities that life after death in this body, at this time might bring ushers a sense to me that the experiment was an amazing success.  It doesn’t mean however, that the grieving will be less painful for those so intimately intertwined with her life. Even for those of us who have only come to know Polly through her speeches, heart warming online chats and written work are mourning the loss. We focus on what we need to do to carry her life’s mission onwards and upwards: Ecocide as criminal law.

I woke and read the news via a friend on Messenger this morning (Australian time) before my usual meditation. I chose to go deep into meditation about death and life, rebirth and evolution and reflect on heart powered healing intentions. I connect with a group of women around the world every week sending heart powered healing intentions. We have been sending love and healing for Polly as a group.

Our group of ‘conduits’ of love and healing come from many backgrounds of spiritual and healing traditions, however our common thread is that we are all Treesisters. We journeyed on the Treesister path of awakening, for me beginning in October 2017, and met as we were drawn to help a Ugandan sister who had been persecuted for offering her home to lesbian women, and was then kidnapped and held to ransom.  We donated money and prayed for her release. Miraculously she was released 7 days later. But there is much more to that story.

I came across the work of Lynne McTaggart – the Power of Eight. She has led global meditations for world peace with significant, scientifically validated drops in the specific location of the intention and holds weekly focused healing intentions, courses, books etc. I invited some of the women I had met online to join to follow Lynne’s methods.  We have been meeting every Sunday on Zoom  since October last year.

From there I was led to the work of Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza. Totally mind changing. Lots of their work is aired or free on You Tube. I like their audiobooks so I can listen without holding a book or having to use my eyes. I have also connected deeply with the work of HeartMath – heart brain coherence – growing love around the world.

Many will say it is great to have hope, but not false hope. The people I listen to, the collective wisdom from age-old shamans, Indigenous people and enlightened ones like Buddha and the Essenes (including Jesus) talk of death as part of life. In my meditation today I heard that death is not the opposite of life, it is the consequence of birth. Some say death leads to rebirth, probably more focused on the spiritual, and in nature death must occur for decay of tissues (matter) to feed the birth of the new ones.

And so I reflect –  In the last week two highly revered leaders have passed ‘to the other side’ unexpectedly. One was Barbara Marx Hubbard, creatress for the teachings of  Evolutionary Consciousness, a change in human consciousness that actually sees us becoming a new human species.

“An Evolutionary Impulse:

Given the wealth of beliefs, choose the ones that create the experience of empathy, love, creativity, joy, healing, hope, and optimization of potential in you and others.

From Barbara”

Although she was nearly 90 she was still teaching and had much planned. She went for a minor knee operation and didn’t come out of the anesthetic. She has ascended and will continue to shine her light from there. The loss of her beautiful presence will be painful for many. How can you not miss someone who has changed your life? Her love has a powerful presence.

And of course, the other beautiful and courageous soul is Polly Higgins.  Polly Higgins was a lawyer who woke up to the realization that the laws around the desecration of the planet had to change. She started Mission Life-force advocating for Eco-cide laws that make it a criminal offence like genocide to allow licenses (politicians) or enact (companies like Shell) acts that kill people and life. They were putting a case against Shell last November and she had death threats in December. A month ago we heard that Polly had not recovered from what was thought to be pneumonia and was subsequently diagnosed … “Polly has developed cancer in left lung (partially collapsed), sternum, spine, oesophagus and liver. Also: bronchopneumonia (pneumonia in left lung), pleurisy (inflammation of the lungs), pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium, a fluid filled sac that covers surface of the heart) and lymphadenopathy (swelling and hardening of lymph in neck).’

How does it happen that quickly? Conventional medicine could offer nothing. Her colleagues and friends set up a FB group ‘Extrapollydocious’ for healing intentions and words of love.  She seemed to be recovering some of her strength when she slipped into a coma yesterday and passed away several hours later. Polly had said to those close to her that she was accepting of which ever way her life here on Earth went.

I am sharing this because when we offer healing the outcome might not be what people are expecting. Sometimes it is healing of a past regret, guilt, or sorrow. A reunion with a person or healing of a relationship may occur. It may not be the physical body, although that is what most of us hope for.:-To be free of suffering and to be able to enjoy life as part of Nature.

I don’t know if we chose whether we go or stay.  Many say we have a choice. I had a dream when I was in my 20’s that I was hit by a bus and was ascending somewhere. I was asked if I wanted to leave my Earth life behind or come back. I chose to come back.  I don’t know if death is like that, but like Barbara says above if we have the choice in what we believe why not chose one that fills us with love and hope. I think this applies to our planet as well. We can chose to believe that there will be, that there is, a Great Turning happening. A new human species is evolving, one with greater compassion and love.

We can see love and compassion connecting us with all of Nature, loving and caring for one and all.  We can see 50 % plus of the planet re-wilded and green.  We can see a world where all species have a chance for survival within nature’s cycles of birth and death and rebirth.  We can birth the New Story of the More Beautiful World we Know is Possible (thank you Charles).  We can see a time when the Ecocide laws that helped change the world are no longer necessary. We can breathe in joy, we can breathe out gratitude – Thank you for what you started Polly Higgins.

In light and love


(Photo credit – Bernard Lenger)

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