Waorani Court Victory

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In a major victory for indigenous rights and our climate, the Waorani people just protected 500,000 acres of their rainforest from oil. This is one giant step forward for governments and court systems respecting indigenous peoples’ right to decide what happens to their lands. The Waorani’s struggle is proof that Free, Prior and Informed Consent is the key to saving the Amazon.

Now it’s time to build momentum and scale this movement to support more indigenous communities and protect more lands. The Waorani victory would not have been possible without your support. Can we count on you to help us turn this win into a powerful wave across the Amazon? Here’s what you can do today:

1. Send a message to the Ecuadorian government to respect the court’s decision

2. Share the victory with your friends:

3.Donate to ramp up pressure and build momentum

Thank you, once again, for your support throughout all the community organizing, all the marches and hours in the courtroom. The Waorani are much stronger with you by their side.

For indigenous rights, the Amazon and our planet,

The Waorani and Amazon Frontlines Team

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Natures Heart Intention

May this ruling be upheld and not appealed by the Government or any extractive industry. May all people in places of power and policy recognise the significance of this ruling and the need for the forest to remain intact. May help continue to flow to all Indigenous land protectors as they raise their voices as guardians of the land and waters.


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