Informed Consent: ADE, waning antibody titres and negative efficacy

In this blog I set out to provide evidence from a range of sources that relate to, and link signs of waning and negative efficacy of the vaccines and Antibody Dependent Enhanced disease. Prior to SARS CoV-2, research showed that some vaccines designed to prevent respiratory diseases led to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (known by several names – immune enhancement, disease enhancement, antibody-dependent cell-meditated cytotoxicity (ADCC), pathogenic priming). Attention was brought to the potential side effect, ADCC, when designing vaccines (specifically respiratory, influenza, pandemic etc) with the publication of studies in 2017 and… Read More

Wetland development – Risk too high, impact too great: a duty of care to protect: a call to act.

The last three months (from September 2019) in Australia have changed everything in the way many people in Australia view fire risk and climate change. Trending reduced rainfall and higher temperatures, which have multiple negative effects on wetland ecosystems including risk of fire have raised the probability and potential impact of close vicinity wetland housing developments to an unacceptable level of risk.  In December 2019, 27 leading health and medical organisations in Australia signed a joint statement calling on the Federal and NSW governments to respond to the public health emergency associated with persistent air… Read More

Ocean News – Ningaloo Reef

The Protect Ningaloo web site reports that the ‘historic Save Ningaloo Reef campaign that ran from 2000-2005 was supported by organisations such as the Conservation Council of WA – the state’s premier environmental NGO and the Australian Marine Conservation Society – the nation’s peak marine charity, researchers, tourism operators, rec-fishers, birders and enthusiastic amateur nature lovers from all over the world‘. It seemed that marine sanctuaries and conservation attempts were being heard and acted upon. However, many great steps forward have been trampled on and discarded in the last decade. Ningaloo Reef… Read More