DESTROYED: Two football pitches every minute

The accelerated expansion of deforestation in tropical forest like the Amazon is an emergency. It requires a united front of organisations that can use a variety of means and actions to reverse the projection of massive forest loss. Another tipping point will soon be past. What can we do?

Polly Higgins – on passing the baton

Polly Higgins has left this realm but her work continues. We are being called to pick up the baton and spread the word whilst the lawyers in the team continue her work. In the words of Jojo Mehta, writer-activist who worked closely with Polly, imagine a world with a million Conscientious Earth Protectors… “There is no more powerful tool to protect the Earth, because when ecocide becomes a crime, corporate behaviour is forced to change. Not because CEOs become liable to prosecution (although they do and that’s an exciting prospect) but because ECOCIDAL PRACTICES BECOME ILLEGAL They can’t be permitted by governments, underwritten by insurers or backed by investors… and so they have to stop.”

Waorani Court Victory

From Amazon Frontlines email  In a major victory for indigenous rights and our climate, the Waorani people just protected 500,000 acres of their rainforest from oil. This is one giant step forward for governments and court systems respecting indigenous peoples’ right to decide what happens to their lands. The Waorani’s struggle is proof that Free, Prior and Informed Consent is the key to saving the Amazon. Now it’s time to build momentum and scale this movement to support more indigenous communities and protect more lands. The Waorani victory would not have been possible… Read More