DESTROYED: Two football pitches every minute

This is not the news I wanted to read on Environmental Day. This accelerated growth of deforestation is an emergency. It requires a united front of organisations that can use a variety of means and actions to reverse this projection of massive forest loss. Another tipping point will soon be past. And unfortunately it seems to be a trend around the world. I see it happening in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Most call to actions are for donations and signing petitions. What else can we do?

My brain storm in no order

Trade embargoes, boycotts



Divestment from any mining company associated with Brazil

Acts of public disobedience

Prayer (traditional)

Heart based Intentions

Global meditation

Creative productions for the more beautiful world

Writing to Ministers (local as well as in Brazil)

Tourism actions – promoting to all tourist agencies the problem

Educating – raising awareness in all business sectors

Changing expectations of everyday people away from stuff, more and more, business as usual, that require more roads, more dams for hydro-electricity, more minerals for electric cars…

Please add your thoughts for action – something personal we can do, at a community level and government and corporate.

I set the heart powered intention: There is a huge ahaha moment that shifts global consciousness away from forests as objects to be used and obstructions to development towards forests as living beings essential for life on Earth. Other ways of subsisting are provided for those drawn to illegal mining and clearing for pastures and soy beans. The forest guardians are respected and honoured for their life-protecting role.


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