Brazilian Amazon Intention

After reading the news about the highest record of deforestation in Brazil last month (May 2019) I set the heart powered intention second paragraph below. As I practiced the intention I wrote:

Breathing in, breathing out. I feel the grief in my heart of the loss of forests, beautiful ancient trees and wildlife and home of Indigenous peoples. I breathe in the loss, the bewilderment of decisions made by those with power, the uncertainty of our future. I sit and feel this deeply. I breathe. I connect to the greater consciousness. I invite love into my heart. (If you are following with me take as long as needed here to really fill your heart). I see myself connected energetically with compassionate people around the globe. We send out intentions on the wings of love into a thought wave above our heads. I connect with all powers who my logical mind want to dismiss (and invite you to connect with your guides, angels, elementals and beneficial beings). I enter the swirling cosmos, spiralling galaxy and smile. Love is radiating out of my heart. The Intention is on its way, seeding hearts. And then one big breathe in and as I breathe out I am grateful it is so.

The heart powered intention: There is a huge ahaha moment that shifts global consciousness away from forests as objects to be used and obstructions to development towards forests as living beings essential for life on Earth. Other ways of subsisting are provided for those drawn to illegal mining and clearing for pastures and soy beans. Rivers are free to provide life for all and not be dammed for hydro-power. An alternative to roads being pushed through forest be found. The forest guardians are respected and honoured for their life-protecting role.

If you would like to follow a visual/audio version I recorded one on FaceBook that you can find here.

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