Honouring Life and Answering the Call

Inspired by the beautiful photos of Polly’s funeral, and the momentum of the last few weeks, and with another week or so left of Treesister’s ‘Calling All Women’ I wrote a poem and then put it to a slide show. It is a creation from my heart – from me to you.

This project is an invitation to share and invite people to hear the call for Gifting back to Nature and supporting small countries most at risk of extreme climate catastropes by stopping ecocide by changing the law:

To gift back to life – by Treesisters CallingAllWomen.me

To protect life by Earth Protectors (previously Mission Lifeforce) https://www.stopecocide.earth

The Heart powered Intention is: 

Ecocide will become a well known word, a label for the current harm, the practice of which leads to criminal conviction. Being illegal the rate of destruction on Earth will decrease dramatically and restoration can proceed faster than the destruction.

In the words of Jojo Mehta “There is no more powerful tool to protect the Earth, because when ecocide becomes a crime, corporate behaviour is forced to change. Not because CEOs become liable to prosecution (although they do and that’s an exciting prospect) but because ECOCIDAL PRACTICES BECOME ILLEGAL They can’t be permitted by governments, underwritten by insurers or backed by investors… and so they have to stop. 

For 2 minutes and a fiver to become an Earth Protector, I’d say that’s worth a punt. 

Polly certainly thought so – she bet her whole life on it. Let’s make sure her work is not wasted.”

More from Jojo…JUST IMAGINE…

With a million Earth Protectors standing with them, the climate-vulnerable states brave enough to take forward ecocide law will feel safe, and visible, and supported – states like Vanuatu, whose Ambassador, in a deeply moving gesture of acknowledgment, presented a traditional burial mat upon which Polly’s willow casket was ceremonially laid in the Earth last Friday. 

This visibility and support is crucially important to prevent intervention by vested interests. 

And our legal team will be resourced to provide the expert assistance Polly spent her last years laying the essential groundwork for.

So here’s the challenge – how will you sign up your first five, twenty, one hundred Earth Protectors? 


I called the slideshow creation “Impulse from the heart: Hearing the call

When you open your heart you can hear the call. Over the last few weeks I have witnessed an increase in momentum of people responding to calls from Nature.

The words “this is an emergency” are now being used.

How will you respond?

Becoming an Earth Protector and a Treesister (or brother) is a great place to start or deepen your journey.

This is an invitation to gift back to life – Treesisters CallingAllWomen.me

And an invitation to protect life – Earth Protectors https://www.stopecocide.earth

Poem by Merrilee Baker/ NaturesHeartIntentions.org

Photo credits -Ruth Davey/Look Again Mindful Photography for the Wellbeing of People and Planet http://www.look-again.org;

Treesisters see Callingallwomen.me;

Extinction Rebellion

and Merrilee Baker

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