Protection for Oceans

I have loved the ocean all my life. She is dying due to human activity. Without a healthy ocean we all die. It is ecocide.

This project is open to collaborative intentions to raise awareness and love for the ocean. Intentions can be carried within creations like song, film and writing, or grassroots actions. They may also be advocating for law and policy change. Intentions are carried on waves of love.

We need protections on many levels. Ocean (high seas) sanctuaries, coastal marine sanctuaries, Rights of Nature and Ecocide as law are needed at the top level.

Grassroots we refuse, reuse and recycle plastics, clean up the ocean and beaches, avoid or carefully chose any sea life we eat, carefully consider our options when swimming, surfing or diving in the ocean and support organisations supporting marine life.

Song, dance, art – any creative activity is uplifting and can carry great intentions.

Heart Powered Intentions will assist our physical efforts as they work in the bio-field, the energetic and magnetic fields proven by quantum science to exist. They carry thoughts on waves and aligning them with heart felt love has an amazing effect.

I will write Intentions based on current news I hear about and articles I am led to write.

The first Intention was based on the effects sonar and blasting can have on Cetaceans: People become aware of the majesty and individual uniqueness of marine life and do all they can to avoid harm and protect it.

On World Oceans Day 2019 I wrote a blog review of organisations helping to preserve our oceans. MissionBluemarineprotection

This has led to the second Intention: All organisations working to reduce harm and protect ocean habitats and life collaborate and see a uniting vision. United we, the people, have the voice to change the story. We see 50% of the ocean as sanctuary, free from human activity that harms.


We see compassionate and regenerative ocean farming but no extractive industry in the remaining ocean space. ProtectNingaloowebpage


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