TreeSisters journey to a Billion Trees

Clare Dubois invited me to feel my grief along with her and cry for what we have done, for what we have lost already and what we stand to lose, which is life on this planet. Her whole body conveyed the urgency to sequester carbon by stop extracting and destroying (raping) Earth and to start planting trees. Hers is the most passionate plea I have ever heard. I could feel her grief. It reawakened mine but rather than a numb despair I cried healing tears as I walked along the beach…We can channel our grief energy to change perceptions; we can create change.

Changing the Story of Plastic

Changing the Story of Plastic As I sit upstairs looking out towards Mount Agung, the bubbling creek cascading into a pool of lilies, I can easily forget the rest of the world. Coconut trees wave in the breeze, the hen chuckles, and the white clouds are covered by thicker clouds tinged with grey and rain.                         Oh, yes, there are still sounds of modernization, the motor bike, maybe a chainsaw in the distant back ground, but predominantly the water cascading, the… Read More

Connecting the power of words, our minds, relationships and the planet.

When a subject keeps popping up, curiosity sends my research brain into action. The latest is the ‘Power of Words”. I became aware of Positive Psychology and Positive Affirmations in the 1980’s when Zig Ziglar informed me that my life would be more successful if I called stop lights ‘go lights’. Louise Hay persuaded me to recite lovely prose to lift my soul every morning. But then, during the darker days of my life journey in the beginning of the new century I paid the philosophies little attention. Just recently I have… Read More