Getting Started Challenge – New Story

  “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and magic in it. Begin it now” (Goethe). Catastrophic weather events, Ice caps melting, extinction rates exploding, coral reeves bleaching as oceans warm and acidify, global financial collapse, corporations manipulate politics (are we really living in a democracy), mass exodus asylum seeking refugees, genocide, racial violence… Every day news brings enough doom to overwhelm the most committed activist. Our survival mechanisms trigger fight, fright or freeze. Reacting with anger the activist demonizes the alleged perpetrator(s)[fight], concerned citizens escape to… Read More

Getting Started Challenge – Connecting to People

..I kept hearing of the innate need for connection, actual close communion, with people. I was acutely aware I lacked close friends and had no mentors. The walls so many people are building around themselves; the separation into us and them is escalating hatred and violence.

Getting Started Challenge – Habits

Merrilee’s Highly Successful Habits As you can see this blog site was only created a week ago, but in reality nothing happens overnight. Starting with a desire for location freedom, bringing clarity to my calling and passion, I have worked consistently over the last year towards the place where I sit tonight creating an updated and more focused plan for the next steps. Current goal set October 2015 Learn and practice Mindfulness and related mind-body-spirit ways of being to a level that equips me to teach and help others through private on-line… Read More